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With the Bond Street arrival next Friday of Dior’s much salivated-over slingback kitten heels and feminist T‑shirts, it’s fair to say that, fashion-wise, we’re currently in the equivalent of Oscar season. This is the time of year when the big (and not so big) brands drip-feed their fondest hopes for the coming months on to Instagram and the shop floor – and the fashion set, en route for New York fashion week, pursue them with deadly earnest intent.

Not all key items are equal. Some are profoundly unflattering, ludicrously expensive, or destined to be obsolete in three months. Others (the ones here) are worth camping out for – although no one should own all of them. That would be greedy and look ridiculous.

However, we should take a cue from the fashion editrix: a few judiciously chosen It Pieces ensure you can carry on wearing pretty much what you wear all year round, secure in the knowledge…

The challenge for Baptista has been to find new ways to mine the life and times of founder Rene Lacoste, the champion tennis player of the 1920s and 1930s. And so the aircraft industry, in which Lacoste dabbled once his sporting days were over, became the starting point for a collection which ultimately offered fresh options in the unending quest for a wardrobe which works across all the opposing situations we all find ourselves dressing for- and the relaxed approach to dress codes which means that you can conceivably wear sportswear at the office or tailoring in your down time.