Success on lose weight tips

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, hundreds of American models have joined a social media campaign targeting the industry’s ‘unhealthy attitudes’ towards their body shape.

Working with the Model Alliance and the National Eating Disorders Association, models are signing an open letter to the American fashion industry, encouraging them to “prioritise health and celebrate diversity” on the runway.

The campaign, which is being shared across social media platforms, refers to a recent study from the International Journal of Eating Disorders, which surveyed young American models and revealed their widespread adoption of unhealthy eating practices in order to be more successful professionally.

Of the 85 models involved in the survey, 81 per cent were underweight, and 65 per cent said that they had been told to lose weight by their agents. Over 70 per cent had dieted, and more than half had skipped meals or fasted.

The open letter highlights that eating disorders have the highest mortality rates of any mental illness, and can cause “irreversible damage” to sufferers.

Using the hashtag #dearNYFW, models are now sharing stories of the pressure they claim to have been put under by agencies to continually slim down, even when they are already underweight.

On Instagram, Brooklyn-based model Hartje Andreson wrote that at her most successful point in her career (“when I had my weight down to nearly 100 lbs [and] my hip circumference finally measured 34 inches”) she started breaking ribs when she exercised.

She was so underweight that her bone density had been affected. Others speak of impossible diets and the detrimental impact their work had on their mental health.